Cattywampus Press

Short-run editions of artist's publications, prints, and other goods.


Exhibition Schedule

October 08–November 13, 2019
Austin Public Library

March 04–May 05, 2020
Southwest School of Art


From Amarillo to Houston, the art of publishing books independently, in limited editions is alive and thriving in the Lone Star State. The Texas Micro Press Reading Room (TMPRR) is an exhibition showcasing artist’s publications made by Texans or in homage to Texas and published by small, independent publishers within the last ten years. The TMPRR provides a palpable snapshot of arts-focused independent publishing conducted within and about our storied State. The public is welcome to handle and experience most of the collection, which consists of books, zines, magazines, posters, and chapbooks.

Artist’s publications represent a significant portion of cultural and creative production, but despite their democratic nature can be challenging to find or acquire because of short print runs, limited distribution, and niche marketing. The goal of this project is to produce an accessible and mobile exhibition that can travel the State, introducing this often unappreciated and unknown art form to new and expanded audiences.

The exhibition will include a free, printed matter, including an illustrated bibliography listing all the publications included in the show.